Kyiv Summer Dance Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in operation?

@ We have held yearly summer seminars in Kyiv since 2002. We also hold several workshops and seminars in Toronto throughout the year.

What are the costs to attend the seminars?

@ We post seminar costs on the various brochures specific to the seminar. Getting to the city where it will be held is separate and the responsibility of the individual participant. After all, participants come from around the world and each has their particular travel requirements.

Besides costs, what other requirements are there?

@ On our website and brochures, we lay out particular dress attire that is expected in the dance studio. Other than that, participants should be prepared to work. Instructors will adjust the curriculum according to abilities and needs of the participants.

Why is it called “Kyiv Summer Dance at Virsky”?

@ It is a shortened name. The longer version is the “International Summer School of Ukrainian Dance at Virsky” (ISSUD) which we use on our brochures and application. The “at Virsky” is a simpler form for anglophones to understand but a more descriptive form would be something on the order of “at the studio/academy of the State Academic Ensemble Named in Honour of Pavlo Pavlovich Virsky”.
It stared off as yearly seminars held in the summer in Kyiv but ever since then has grown to include several other events under its auspices. These are usually held Kyiv, Lviv, Toronto, or elsewhere.

How does your program compare to others?

@ Our program was the first of its kind and continues to be unique. Because of the status of the Virsky Ensemble and because many former dancers are directors of various ensembles around the world, many try to hold various viewing events at the Kyiv Virsky Studio as “seminars”. Even if they last a few hours or a day in duration, they are still severely limited in scope.
Our program consists of over 100 hours of dance activity, with faculty members and students from the Virsky Studio participating. It is a participation seminar for those serious about Ukrainian Dance, not an observation component as part of a vacation package.

What if I can’t attend the full seminar?

@ Since we need to hire on contract instructors before the seminar begins and book the for the full duration, we do not offer refunds or discounts for part-timers. Participants may still attend only part of the seminar but at no reduced costs unless such an offer was made earlier (some seminars are broken down into components).

Where can I get more info about upcoming or past seminars?

@ Please contact either Yuri Grekov by email or phone. Information will also be posted on our website and Facebook page.

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